Khalid Alshimmari

Researcher  (888) 123-4567


Khalid has shown interest in research since he was an undergraduate student at university where he discovered this field and worked as a research assistant for almost two years. During that period, Khalid worked on research from different fields. Apart from attending different conferences and workshops, Khalid had the opportunity to do a summer school in Science-Po Paris which he regards as one of the main highlights of his years as a student. This opportunity introduced many interesting topics about European politics and economy by some of the most prominent French and European scholars in these fields.

Khalid is currently working as a trainee researcher. In the past few months, as part of his training, Khalid has worked on Eurasian and Pakistani politics, and he’s now concentrating on Chinese politics and socioeconomics. Furthermore, Khalid is highly interested in language learning, structure and history; Indo-European languages in particular. Additionally, economics, sociology, psychology and history are some of the main topics that Khalid reads about for career and personal development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Eurasian and Pakistani Political Affairs

  • Chinese Economic and Political Affairs


  • B.A. of Arts in Political Science from UAE University

  • Summer School Diploma from Science-Po