Angus Taverner


Angus Taverner is a specialist in political risk, security analysis and strategic communication.  He has worked with governments and organisations in Europe, the US and the Middle East involving: political risk; news analysis; social trend analysis; reputation management; the impact of social media; as well as commentary on strategic issues that influence political, diplomatic and economic debate around the world.

He is the Director of the Global Affairs Division of b’huth, the independent Dubai-based public policy ‘think tank’.  He is currently conducting research into the wider impact of Political Islam, uses and abuses of ‘Soft Power’ and international governance.

Angus has contributed to a number of books on the strategic use of ‘Soft Power’ and the strategic employment of Information and Influence Campaigns.  He has lectured widely including: The National Press Club, Washington; Chatham House, London; the Royal United Services Institution (RUSI), London; the University of Glasgow, the University of Sheffield, Aberdeen Business School and the NATO School; Oberammergau.  He is also: Director of the political risk and strategic communications’ consultancy, GeoIncognita Ltd; Director of Gulf Analysis Ltd and an Associate Consultant to Unicorn ARC, Iota Global and Reeve Communications.  In the UK, he is Chairman of Highland Reserve Forces and Cadets Association and a founding Member of the Asia-Scotland Institute.

Areas of Expertise

  • Geostrategy
  • Defence and Security
  • Soft Power
  • International Relations
  • Gulf Affairs
  • Political Islam
  • Extremism & Terrorism
  • Nuclear Proliferation
  • Strategic Communication


  • MA in Public Relations and Strateic Communication