Saturday, 4th December, 2021
About b’huth

Our Vision

To pursue objective research and encourage innovative solutions to support the development of solid and coherent policy-making.

Our Sources

Our research resources are based on open-source information and material; either gathered from literature reviews or through our own data-gathering.

Our Publications

B’huth publishes reports, studies, special assessments, and proposals for policy initiatives, in both the public and private sectors.


About b’huth

b’huth is an independent public policy research Centre founded in Dubai, UAE in 2002, that focuses on International Affairs, Geostrategic Affairs, Public Policy Studies and Public Opinion Research. We bring together experts in all these areas to work with us, to learn from one another and to foster creative thinking. Our scholars & Analysts develop practical policy recommendations and offer them to policymakers and stakeholders for political and social improvement as we strive to always bring forward 'actionable knowledge'. Quite often, b’huth is involved in implementing this recommendation. 

b’huth believes in knowledge sharing for the advancement of our societies, both in the Arab Region and globally, and we aim in our public policy analysis and recommendations to help expand opportunities for all people and strengthen the effectiveness of public policy.

  • Wednesday, 1st December, 2021

نبارك لدولة #الامارات_العربية_المتحدة قيادة وشعبا احتفالها بمرور ٥٠ عاما على تاسيس اتحادها وتتعهد بان نعمل كما فعلن…

  • Wednesday, 1st December, 2021

We are proud to have worked for the last 20 years to contribute to #UAE achievements We pledge that we will continu…

  • Tuesday, 2nd November, 2021

#يوم_العلم_الإماراتي #عام_الخمسين #اكسبو_دبي_٢٠٢١

  • Sunday, 19th September, 2021

#اليوم_الدولي_للمساواة_في_الأجر #الإمارات_العالمية_المتحدة

  • Saturday, 18th September, 2021

our Expert @RashaAljoundy wrote about the 9\11 documents, why it took three administrations to declassify them, wh…

  • Tuesday, 14th September, 2021

take on the US involvement to push for government formation in Lebanon and how it presents a new US policy post-wit…

  • Sunday, 22nd August, 2021

Our expert @RashaAljoundy explains the ideological ramifications of US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and how it pre…

  • Monday, 19th July, 2021

نهنئكم بحلول #عيد_الاضحى المبارك We wish you a peaceful and blessed #EidAlAdha

  • Wednesday, 26th May, 2021

بدأت مهمة #مسبار_الأمل حيث تم أخذ أول صورة كاملة لمختلف طبقات الغلاف الجوي للمريخ خلال النهار والليل، وكل فصول السن…

  • Wednesday, 26th May, 2021

في إطار سعي دولة #الإمارات الدائم الى تحقيق #الأمن ونشر #السلام جددت دعمها لإيجاد حل سلمي وشامل وعادل…