Sunday, 10th December, 2023

Public Policy Department

The Public Policy Department at b’huth monitors local public opinion trends and provides in-depth insights according to innovative methodologies in development-related issues in the country with its economic, social, and political dimensions. The department also provides and develops public policies and development initiatives that support the strategic directions of decision-makers.

B’huth Research Center achieves the highest productivity during Ramadan through Remote Work model.

The Dubai Public Policy Research Centre conducted a study to measure work output during Ramadan and found a 66% increase in productivity compared to the three months leading up to Ramadan. The director of finance and administration at the center attributed this increase in productivity to the center`s shift to remote work during Ramadan, and the study challenges the common belief that work productivity decreases during Ramadan. Remote work policies, which is aligned with Dubai`s National Agenda 2030 and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum`s vision, were found to increase productivity and employee satisfaction.