Friday, 24th March, 2023

Geostrategic Affairs Department

The Department of Geostrategic Affairs at b’huth looks at the regional dimension in public policy-making, the extent to which these policies will affect on regional level, and the potential implications of geopolitical developments on the state's orientations, national security, role and regional influence. The department also looks into areas for benefiting from the state's experiences in public policies to support regional and international stability and development in the region.

Common interests in relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

The intense communications between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates with Pakistan in recent months raises several questions related to the joint Gulf agenda with the new leadership in Pakistan. This issue occupies a wide range of media and research speculation due to the rapid frequency of news related to the Gulf support provided to Pakistan. Pakistan has a historically good relationship with the GCC countries, especially Saudi Arabia, with the security and military leadership in Pakistan. This is why security cooperation to deal with the Afghanistan issue is likely the drive for a fast-growing relationship, especially since it is clear that Saudi Arabia is not pursuing direct contact with the Taliban or direct involvement in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, technological and military cooperation remains the focal point for Western observers. Especially with the Saudi Minister of Energy`s recent announcement regarding developing national scientific capabilities in peaceful nuclear energy, which is explained differently in light of the failure of the JCPOA and the apparent lack of other means to contain the Iranian Nuclear Program.