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Towards Africa: Israel and Sub-Saharan

“In order to dominate militarily and strategically, you must first dominate economically,” this is to sum up the Israeli plan to spread in Africa. Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, the African continent has been - and still is - an essential and important part of the Israeli plans. In the beginning, it was even part of the Zionist Settlement Project, where some African countries such as Kenya and Uganda were chosen as a proposed homeland for the “Jewish people”, or an alternative location to settle the Jews if the original settlement center “Palestine” was not possible. Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann were particularly interested in these two countries, and Herzl welcomed the idea because he saw in East and Central Africa a suitable place, especially since there were African Jews. However, all these suggestions were rejected and completely excluded after Herzl's death, and Palestine was adopted as the only site for the Zionist settlement project, in the 6th Zionist Congress in 1903.

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Dr.Ibrahim Karsany

Dr.Ibrahim Karsany

Economic consultant

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Areas of Expertise

  • Public Policy
  • Development issues
  • Economic Planning
  • Competitiveness


Ph.D. in Economics.


Dr. Ibrahim Karsany graduated from Khartoum University with a Bs.C. (Hon) in economics, followed by a Ph.D. in development economics from Leeds University, England. He has accumulated a rich research experience in different fields of study ranging from development studies, economic planning, and problems of under-development to total quality management and competitiveness of nations.

Dr. Karsany’s work experience extends over four decades and ranges from university teaching, at both undergraduate and graduate levels, to working in international organizations such as the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in Governments, e.g, as Advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Oman, Muscat and as Economic Development Advisor, Department of Economic Development, Dubai, as well as in the Private Sector (DPPRC, Bhuth).

He has been a Visiting Professor and Scholar at reputable academic institutions; notable amongst them are Bergen University, Norway, The Scandinavian Institute for African Studies, Uppsala, Sweden, and The Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest. He also published a number of studies in learned specialized international journals and served on the Editorial Boards of Academic Journals in Sudan and abroad; e.g, The Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE), published in England. He has also presented papers as well as participated in a considerable number of international conferences, seminars and workshops and has published more than sixty pieces in daily printed as well as electronic papers covering a wide range of socio-economic as well as political topics and issues.

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